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At Full House Moving, we understand that international moving anywhere is a stressful process for everyone involved. Moving from one side of New York City to the other can be difficult, to say nothing of how hard things can be when you're moving to the other side of the world. It's a major life change and a totally new chapter in the journey that you're on - but that doesn't mean you should care for the belongings you've collected in the previous chapter any less. As fully licensed and bonded movers that have been proudly operating in and around the New York City area for over 15 years, Full House Moving is more than prepared to make sure that every last one of your possessions makes it to your new home safe and sound - regardless of where in the world that new home happens to be. Contact (212) 243-6683 today for a free estimate.

An International City

This is NYC, home to the United Nations. There’s a little bit from every country in the world here. Welcome guests from abroad and bon voyage to our neighbors on their journey. When New Yorkers need to set course for a new home in another continent, then Full House Moving is here to help get them there. Internationally shipping large furniture items and several amounts of smaller boxes requires methodic logistics to safeguard the scheduled route. We know you need your things when you need them and Full House Movers gets them there for you. Call (212) 243-6683 and tell us your saga!


The Transportation Network

For overseas shipping, there is no human miracle quite like the ISO-standard container. The fact that the whole world can all agree on a standard sized vessel for maximum moving efficiency is tantamount to our achievements in peace. But this is just one phase of the international relocation process. There are several companies and agencies involved. Responsible movers take every step into account. That’s why Full House Moving takes the initiative to constantly track and report on the progress of your ISO and belongings every step of the way. Home moving from your door in NYC to Anywhere with one phone call to (212) 243-6683.

Customs & Legalities

If people could set aside their differences, we could save on a lot of paperwork. Each country you transport items to involves special circumstance laws as to what is appropriate or not. The frustration of documentation for items transported is a nightmare for many undergoing such a strenuous move. However, the logistic moving company that Full House Moving carries out is a perfection of itemization and concise labeling. This helps to pass your items to their destination without the need for frustrating hold-ups. We want to get your furniture to your new international location on time. Just call (212) 243-6683 today for assistance.

At Full House Moving, your home (and the items inside) is our priority. In addition to your free estimate, you can also effortlessly book an appointment to have someone come out and assess your needs either by phone or via your Web browser. Above all else, we believe that there is no "one size fits all" approach to local moving - every situation is a little bit different and all customers deserve the same unique, comprehensive approach to make sure not just that the job gets done, but that it gets done properly.

After assessing the full extent of the job, we'll make sure that everything is packed and ready to go for the long trip ahead. We'll take care of everything - from packing to shipping to loading and unloading - so that you don't have a thing to worry about.

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100% Satisfaction

"Most amazing moving company I’ve ever used!! Extremely friendly and helpful, fast and efficient. There was even a loose leg on my dining room table and they fixed it! Will never use another company in NYC."

- Christine Wilkinson


"Full House Moving was accommodating, timely, and extremely friendly. They were fast and made for an easy move. Reuben helped me through insurance with my building and acted as the liaison between our move and the buildings rules. I’ve never had such service and all for a great price to boot! I would recommend them to anyone of my friends who’s looking for movers. They are reliable!"

- Amanda Whitcroft

Highly Recommended

"Dealing with this moving company was great from start to finish. The owner takes all the calls and text, he responded really quick and made things so convenient from start to finish. His movers are very nice and personable. The price was reasonable as well. This company really tries to make everything right for the customer."

- Dino Hroncich