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Moving often requires long hours. Particularly when commercial moving needs the work done in the graveyard shifts. We are here to answer your questions from 8-6 but will reply via email as soon as we cat so don’t hesitate info@fullhousemover.com and feel free to ask any questions we haven’t covered.
Full House Movers can help individuals moving from a shared room across town or relocating a factory to another state. Just call us at 212-243-6683 for anything in between.
Our insurance policies protect valuables up to million dollars. We offer special extended insurance policies for artworks that have accurate appraisal paperwork. Most of the artwork we transport is already covered under the collector’s policy, the most important reason to hire certified art movers like Full House Moving is to keep the integrity of the standard policy. We can walk you through the process and make exceptions for your case.
Yes, We do. Call for rates.
Whatever you need to package, we have it. From special art-related packaging equipment to custom styrofoam inserts, we can find a solution for your moving requirements.
We are located in Midtown Manhattan at 668 Amsterdam Ave. 10025. We offer storage in Manhattan for those who require it as well as a cheaper storage facility for long-term needs and outgoing ventures.
You can schedule the date of your move and the locations to obtain a free estimate on your move day or night. By describing the size of your move we can provide you with a free moving quote. Any special requests or modifications are always welcomed at any further stage. Book your appointments when you need them with our easy to use booking form at the bottom of our homepage.
We want to make everything as convenient for you as possible. That’s why we offer the best storage service NYC has to offer with retrieval options at every turn. If you need to visit your stored items then we can always accommodate.
Full House Moving helps individuals, families, and business on all budgets move from one location to another. We understand that prices matter for most and that is why we can help you out with the great friendly moving service and accurate logistics. See what deals we have to offer with flat rate moving and DIY moving supplies.
We are sad to see you move from NYC but we hope you had a great time and wish you many more no matter where you are going. Full House Moving will help you coordinate moving to any country on Earth. While some are a lot easier to get to, we will make the whole thing happen and tackle the itemizing paperwork required by customs.
Ooh, these are cautious waters. Of course, we can handle this and tread with caution.
Please contact the number on the notice. If we have your items then, of course, we can help. However, your stuff may have been sent to a specific address deemed by your landlord on your lease.
We are professional movers with decades of experience. While it is rare that anything ever breaks if we package it up correctly, we don’t want to you to hesitate with any calls at any time about concerns you may have. We do everything we can to package and transport items safely and securely. If for any reason you notice your items askew from our packing or transport job then never hesitate to call at (212) 243-6683 and we will remedy the situation. We take extreme caution with moving artworks, moving heirlooms, and moving antiques and have valid insurance for all items we move.

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