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Full House Moving Art Handling

Full House Moving has conducted numerous art handling projects in the past years. Responsible for countless transports, we’re dedicated to our community. Whether you’re an individual collector, a gallery owner, a college student or simply a connoisseur, we’re prepared with the industry standards needed to secure your art collection’s safety. Available at reasonable prices, Full House Moving services are fully licensed and bonded.

The Art of Moving

Art handling requires a specific touch. You need both performance reliability and technical capability. It requires a certain know-how of care and a degree of specialized training. Many artists work as art movers for the chance to see private collection pieces for the moments before wrapping them. This pride of exuberance is what makes the moving of art very unique. It’s not about just marking a package FRAGILE! Each artwork must be precisely prepared and intricately transported. Simple factors like the material of the artpiece moving can make a huge difference on the wrapping material chosen. Some paints and fibers react differently when exposed to plastics or fabrics. At Full House Moving, we ensure the best method of approach based on a genuine love for art and understanding to the value a collector appreciates and the sentiment each consumes.

Protection From the Ground Up

Your Full House Moving performs art moving with the utmost care and protection. Drawing upon years of experience they have developed a time-tested-and-true approach to all art pieces. Every project is unique, and each service offers a high respect for the piece at hand. Museum-quality art storage options are available, as are specialized crates guaranteed to preserve the integrity of your pieces.

Transportation and Reinstallation

Full House Moving shuttle services are delicate, quick and reliable. Your art pieces are protected before, during and after every shipment. Full House Moving employees draw upon years of experience, and they've developed the perfect solutions to meet each project.Art comes in many shapes and sizes, and Full House Moving believes a piece’s re-installation is as important as its transportation. We recognize the importance of presentation. Whether we’re transporting sculptures, paintings, mixed media or any other item, we’re ready to reinstall your pieces with maximum care. Proper placement is guaranteed, so as to ensure ease of alteration. From security to accessibility, all Full House Moving options are dedicated to your property. When moving from galleries as a new piece purchase or from your own location to down the hall in another room, precise instruction is taken from the art coordinator and applied.

Art Insurance & Art Storage

In order to keep a valid insurance policy on your existing or new purchase art piece, it must be packaged, stored, transported, and installed by properly insured. Full House Moving carries the insurance honored by the insured pieces policy. This gives the certification needed to keep your policy in order and valid throughout the process embarking ahead.


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Our ease-of-booking process complements our online and by-phone appointment options. Check out Full House Moving today, and obtain a free estimate. We’re ready to handle your materials, and we can guarantee the knowledge, safety standards, attention to detail and timely delivery you need. When timeliness is a priority, your apartment, home, townhome or place of work is guaranteed success. On every level, Full House Moving is ready to serve your needs. We’ve served New York residents for over 15 years, and we’re well-versed in the importance of art handling. All shipping methods utilize stable environments, so your works of art are never at risk. Contact us about our quality control standards, and let us help you determine an in-depth shipment plan before we ever set foot inside your home. Full House Moving offers both local and long-distance art moving services, and each is custom-tailored to your prized possessions’ needs.

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"Most amazing moving company I’ve ever used!! Extremely friendly and helpful, fast and efficient. There was even a loose leg on my dining room table and they fixed it! Will never use another company in NYC."

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"Full House Moving was accommodating, timely, and extremely friendly. They were fast and made for an easy move. Reuben helped me through insurance with my building and acted as the liaison between our move and the buildings rules. I’ve never had such service and all for a great price to boot! I would recommend them to anyone of my friends who’s looking for movers. They are reliable!"

- Amanda Whitcroft

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"Dealing with this moving company was great from start to finish. The owner takes all the calls and text, he responded really quick and made things so convenient from start to finish. His movers are very nice and personable. The price was reasonable as well. This company really tries to make everything right for the customer."

- Dino Hroncich