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Piano and Antiques Moving One Solution, Total Peace-of-Mind

In many ways, antiques are more than just possessions. They're priceless artifacts. They're time capsules that represent decades of your family's history that just happen to take the form of that chair you inherited from your grandmother, or that end table that you have such a vivid memory of your parents working so hard to afford when they were younger.

When an item like a piano or an antique is damaged in a move, you're looking at more than just physical damage. You're looking at something that cannot be replaced. At Full House Moving, we've designed our piano and antiques moving services from the ground up to make sure that this is the type of situation you never have to find yourself in, no exceptions. Call (212) 243-6683 for your free estimate.

Dependability, Reliability, Absolutely

As a fully licensed and bonded moving company operating in New York City and the surrounding areas for 15 years, we specialize in the type of care and attention to detail necessary to make sure that your pianos and other antiques make it to your new home safe and sound. Our trained and highly professional staff has years of experience in the type of specialized care that these most precious of items demand.

They're not just careful - they know how to properly pack, handle, load and unload items with thousands of moving parts (like pianos) or other antique items like fine art and more. Everything - from our staff to the specialized trucks that we use before, during and after your move - are designed to instill within you the type of peace-of-mind that you just can't put a price on. Much like you just can't put a price on your antiques and other belongings.

Full House Moving

If you've got a big move coming up and want to make sure that all of your antiques, pianos and other important items are looked after, contact Full House Moving today at (212) 243-6683. In addition to your free estimate, you can also book an appointment either online or over the phone or just speak to someone directly about your own personal situation. We can't wait to hear from you.

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Client Reviews

Aleena H
Aleena H
Brooklyn, NY

"These people are very professional, I called them 3 days before moving out and they were able to help me out. I like the way they work, they don't fool around and they took very good care of my...

Almog H
Almog H
San Leandro, CA

"I found these movers online cause we needed help with a piano that needed to be moved from my sisters house in Dix hills to our apartment. 3 guys showed up and as soon as they started wrapping...

Yuan S.
Yuan S.
New York, NY

"Really quick and professional! I mean, it's just like click click boom then all the furniture's are down stairs and ready to go. Workers are very nice and friendly, know how to protect your...